If you’ve already written a query based on guidelines you’ve researched elsewhere, feel free to use the same letter for us. However, please be sure at the top of your existing query letter to include a summary of Pie Plate’s required information, as noted below.

If you’re new to the query game and you haven’t written your first letter yet, please include the required information section at the top, and then answer the questions from the “what Pie Plate likes to see answered in the body of your query letter” section as well.


Required information:

Working Title of the Work:


Word Count (NOT the number of pages):

Has this work been published before? (Yes or No)

Was this work previously self-published? (Yes or No)

Current place of residence (city, state, and country):


What Pie Plate likes to see answered in the body of your query letter:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your background or previous experience with publication?
  • What is the working title of your book?
  • How many words is your book?
  • Why did you write it?
  • What is it about? (Think of what you’d want to write on the back cover of your finished book)
  • How can we contact you?

What will answers to these questions really tell us?

  • Who we’re dealing with
  • How your personality and experiences contribute to the overall work
  • The name of the book (and if it’s creative and catchy)
  • If the book is too long or too short for the genre and will take lots of editing stamina
  • If you’re passionate about what you’ve written
  • The nature of the work and if it’s something we’d want to read
  • How to reach you if we want to read a sample or see a full script.

Keep in mind that your query letter is a small sample of your writing – it’s your first impression.


How to Submit Your Query:

We typically accept queries by email, “snail” mail, and via our contact page, but do not accept new proposals. (For more information about what we consider a query and what we consider a proposal, see our Submissions Q&A.) However, at this time, we are closed to all submissions and queries due to the volume of our current submissions queue. Any submissions received after March 1, 2016 will not be answered. We aim to reopen submissions as soon as possible.

Send an email query:

Note – Please do not send attachments unless requested. Unsolicited attachments will not be opened. Required Information and any additional information should be sent in the body of your email. Please do not send a synopsis, sample chapters, or media kit unless requested.


Snail Mail a query:

Pie Plate Publishing
Attn: Submissions
P.O. Box 760151
Lathrup Village, MI 48076

Note – If you send a query by regular mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that we may easily respond by the same method. Don’t forget to include the required information above in your mailing.


Submit a query on our website via the contact page.


What we’re looking for:

Pie Plate is open to all genres.

Note: We only accept works of U.S. origin. For more about this, please see our Submissions Q&A.

Our Pledge:

Pie Plate is dedicated to providing real responses to your queries. We don’t want to send form letters. We want to provide you with useful information that will help you to continue in your pursuit of publication if we decide not to pursue your work ourselves.

We pledge to give thoughtful responses to thoughtful queries. This means that any query we receive that has met our guidelines, which includes the required information, will receive a personalized response. Given our heavy submissions volume, queries that do not meet our guidelines will not receive a response. Vague queries, queries submitted incorrectly (such as unsolicited in a voicemail message or posted to our Facebook page), and queries that do not appear to be serious inquiries will be rejected without response. We must adhere to this policy in order to keep our pledge: those who take the time to make a thoughtful inquiry will receive a thoughtful response.

Because of this pledge and the work it requires, as of March 1, 2016, we have decided to temporarily close submissions in order to catch up on our inbox. We will update our website when we are prepared to accept your queries again.