Lora Craig-Gaddis

Lora Craig-Gaddis

sis - MeLora Craig-Gaddis is the author and illustrator behind the highly popular online publication “Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids”.

Lora started in the newspaper world, where she first began honing her skills. She was later published by the National Audubon Society. Lora also obtained degrees in the Wiccan and Druidic Society, and after 10 years of teaching Wicca classes while apprenticing to a Master Herbalist, Lora moved on to open her own successful herb shop before eventually retiring.

However,  retirement didn’t sit well and, before long, she found herself writing and illustrating  stories about a little witch and her talking cat.  Although written for her own amusement, the stories quickly found an audience.  Pooka Pages Magazine was born and Lora found herself in the roll of teacher again. This time, her students were children.

Today, some of those children who grew up with the Pooka Pages have children of their own who are now also learning paganism through the magazine.

Lora still insists that she’s retired.  She looks forward to visits from her grandchildren while living quietly in a big old house surrounded by trees.  There, she tends her garden and putters about in her herb room assisted (and often hindered) by a small, mischievous, black cat named “Pooka”.

You can stop by Lora’s website anytime and download a free copy of the current issue of the magazine –  www.pookapages.com   (Sorry.  Back issues are not available.)

Or visit her and the rest of the Pooka Pages Team members on Facebook –  www.facebook.com/PookaPagesTeam. And, both Lora and Pooka love getting mail.  You can write to either of them at   pookachild@hotmail.com    (Pooka especially loves letters from kids!)

Letters may also be mailed to Lora Craig-Gaddis c/o Pie Plate Publishing, P.O. Box 760151, Lathrup Village, MI 48076.



Elsie & Pooka: Stories of the Sabbats & Seasons (Yule & Imbolc) [November, 2014]


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