Pie Plate Publishing Company is seeking an experienced programmer for PDF (or InDesign) to EPUB conversion. There are free software programs for conversion, but we like professional-looking eBooks – and that takes a skilled person with a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS to set appropriate rules, as well as the time and ability to proofread for errors and tweak things like strange spacing and hanging hyphens. If you do excellent work (which will pass epub validation tests and meet our high standards), please email us at  services@pieplatepublishing.com or fill out a contact form on our contact page. If you do contract work, please include your tiered structure pricing requirements, including conversion for children’s books/illustrated works, and also give us an idea of your typical timeline.

Visual Art

If you are an illustrator, graphic designer or photographer and are interested in consideration for contract work with Pie Plate, please inquire at services@pieplatepublishing.com. We are currently working with some excellent talent – but as we are building our house, we are continually seeking contributors for many genres.


Please check out submissions for information about Pie Plate’s query requirements. Note that we are temporarily closed to new submissions as of March 1st. We will update our website when we are prepared to reopen our inbox to new projects!